160x600_1Learning meditation and enhancing the meditative experience, especially with sound technology, is a passion of mine.

Once I realized the true incredible health benefits of meditation, I got hooked and wanted to do it more and more… Today, if I miss a daily meditation for whatever reason, my day is not the same.  There is a part of my day that is missing. Meditation helps me focus and be “mindful”. Mindfulness means to be attentive to the present, to notice your thoughts form a distance without judging them if they are good or bad.

For thousands of years the monks, yogis and other sages, have perfected the practice of meditation. To induce their profound meditative states, they had to spend many hours a day to achieve their peace of mind and to control their brain waves.

This is just not practical for most people to do in the hectic modern lifestyles. Fortunately with the advances of modern technology you can, using specially designed audio technology, train your minds to achieve whatever states you want just after a few short sessions.

I find that a “guided meditation” helps focus on meditating and it helps to turn off the “mental chatter”. Being peaceful, relaxed and clear is the main purpose of meditation.

One of the many methods of doing this is using binaural beats in the audio track. It helps the brain to achieve powerful states of focused concentration and deep relaxation while stimulating parts of your brain to work together in sync and avoiding distracting thoughts.

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