How to continue your meditation practice

Myth: meditation is difficult

You have probably heard of the thousands of studies that have been done on the benefits of meditation. You get it, meditation can do incredible things for you. But you have trouble getting started? Welcome to the club!

Just like anything in life, it’s something you must work on. You have to practice meditation regularly to feel the great effects and benefits of it. It reduces stress, it improves concentration, it encourages a healthy lifestyle. It also increases self-awareness, it increases happiness and acceptance. It also slows aging. And we could go on and on about all the benefits that your body and soul will reap from practicing meditation.

One thing that you must know about meditation is that you don’t need to change completely your lifestyle.  No, you don’t need to embark on a long-term silent meditation retreat, worship a particular religion, or give up all your worldly possessions and become vegan if you meditate.  A 10 to 20 minutes practice every day will not interrupt any of your normal responsibilities, and you will benefit from the blissful mini vacation for your mind.

If you don’t appreciate it, you will not do it!  So find a way to make a certain time of the day “your time”.  It does not have to be uncomfortable either. You can sit in a chair with a comfortable pillow in a quiet place in your home that you can make your “special meditation place”.

stressed out

But my mind will not shut up!!

Well, who’s does !?

Everything that happens during your meditation is part of your meditation. The trick to falling in love with your practice is to be ready to sit down with yourself with everything that’s going on. You stir, you swing, and it’s all good! It’s part of the process of meditation. Get to know your peaceful self.

Meditate for the sake of it! But don’t forget about all the multiple benefits it will bring!


2 thoughts on “How to continue your meditation practice”

  1. Your totally right, we like to make any excuse possible to try an avoid spending some time with ourselves with no distractions, but we must do this in order to keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle. The more things we fill our lives with without space the more insane it becomes. Your advice about making a space for yourself to meditate is important too, we are habitual people and form a relationship with our spaces. Great post

    • Thanks for your comment Josh.  Yes it is important to make time in our busy schedules to reflect and replenish our thoughts and meditation is a great way to do it.  It not only makes you feel better, it also grounds you back to the earth and makes you realize the importance of being “aware” of what’s going on around you!  The key to this is to practice, practice, and practice.  It’s like anything else you do, the more you do it, the better you (or it) becomes.


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