The guided meditation and it’s benefits

In order to gain the benefits that we are seeking during a meditation session, sometimes we need some guidance.

With all of the distraction in today’s frenzy all around us, and with all of the daily tasks that we are trying to do all at once, it is very often difficult to sit down and relax your mind enough to be calm and worry free.   This is when a guided meditation really comes in handy.

The traditional meditation, although very beneficial and delightful, requires that you become “mindful” by yourself. In other words, you have to put in all of the efforts, in order to gain the multiple benefits of meditation and the inner peace we are all searching for while meditating.  It is an achievable objective, but it does take time and a lot of practice.  So yes you will feel great after one session, but remember, it’s with consistency and practice that you will notice a real change.

The guided meditation helps you to become mindful, but with some direction.  It is much easier to be directed into a relaxed state while listening to soothing music and relaxing sounds while someone is guiding you to imagine very positive and calming situations, experiences
and symbolic places.

While being in a meditative state during a guided meditation, you will be much more present and your mind will follow the instructions much more easily.

You (or your mind) will be less tempted to wander into your daily tasks, responsibilities, and thoughts, and you will become more focused into the bliss of meditation.

We all seek different objectives while meditating, and different guided meditations will bring different results.

A well conceived guided meditation will help you think clearer and clear your mind of all the cluttering thoughts.  It will also help you increase your mental well-being, and at the same time decrease anxiety and stress.  Don’t forget that a guided meditation has the same benefits as a traditional meditation, the difference is in the guidance.  You are not left alone in your thoughts; someone is helping you focus and become more and more blissful. As for the traditional meditation, you will feel better physically and mentally.

One other important thing is to enjoy yourself, without worrying if you tend to daydream or snooze a bit, you are making subconscious changes and your mind will take some time to adjust and that is perfectly fine.

There are thousands of different guided meditations that are available online, so just a quick search will give you a way to start.

Click here to find a guided meditation site that I recommend and will help you find the perfect meditation for you!



4 thoughts on “The guided meditation and it’s benefits”

  1. Very nice article on guided meditation, I highly recommend the websites you recommend as well for guided meditation resources.

    Today people need something to slow them down and help them relax, guided meditation with consistency and practice will do this for everyone.

    I am rather new to guided mediation and I am feeling much calmer, how did you get started on guided meditation I would love to know

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Thank you for your comment and question. Actually, the guided meditations was the way I started meditating since I was new and didn’t know how to go at it. Fast forward to today, and I can say that now, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I will use just ordinary regular meditation music without the guidance, and other time I feel like my mind is racing too much, so I will choose a guided meditation in order to be able to focus more. No matter what kind we use, meditation is always beneficial to our body and soul. 🙂

  2. I have always been reluctant to try guided meditation because I tend to feel really sleepy instead of feeling refreshed. Is this completely okay or is it just me who suffers from this issue.
    You do feel calm and relaxed but most of the times you end up daydreaming or sleeping after meditation. How were your initial meditation occurrences?

    • Hi Shrey,

      Thanks for your comment and question. It is totally ok to feel sleepy after a meditation. Remember that your mind goes into what scientifics call an “alpha state” when you are in a deep meditation. Alpha is just before “delta” which is your sleep mode, so its very normal, and you don’t suffer from any issues. I find myself feeling sleepy and even falling asleep, while meditating, especially if I meditate after a long day of work.

      For your second question, yes I feel calm and relaxed every time I meditate, and it gets my mind focused and attentive though. My first meditations were more like just closing my eyes and listening to what was being said, and by doing it often, I began to understand and to feel what was meant to be happening. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and practice, but the benefits will surprise you! Cheers!


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