The one-minute meditation

The one-minute meditation

Use this technique to stay on top of your day:

Close your eyes and take a deep breath

Breath in through your nose, and hold it for a few seconds,

Breath out through your mouth and relax.


Breath in feeling your lungs expanding,

Breath out feeling a sense of letting go.


Breath in to feel the body getting fuller,

Breath out to feel the release of any tension.


Breath in feeling alive and awake,

Breath out feeling muscles relaxing.


Breath in that sense of fullness,

Breath out any unnecessary tension.



As you can see here, meditation does not have to be hours long and being Zen-like a monk.  All you need to do is to be in the present moment and let go.  The beneficial effects on your health will be certainly felt throughout your day.  Within the 1440 minutes of your day, I am certain that you can always find one of those minutes to help you along your way!

2 thoughts on “The one-minute meditation”

  1. Meditation has always had a place in my life, but never has it been more helpful than during the past decade or so. I was laying in bed the other night thinking that I need to teach this and practice it with my youngest daughter who is 7 years old. It truly is a way to center oneself, but often when we need it the most is when it is the most difficult to do. I plan to work on this with her until she remembers that it is available for her to practice for the rest of her life. Thanks for posting this simple but very powerful piece about something that could change a person’s life.

    • Sorry for the late reply. I was busy on another site and hadn’t been here for a little while.
      I totally agree with you, Michel W. I did the same with my daughter about 3 years ago. Now she’s a young woman knowing where she’s going. It helped her to find herself. She meditates regularly and this has brought her peace for her senior years in school. I am grateful that I found meditation and was able to pass that gift to her. Like my post says, It doesn’t have to take hours, one minute to center yourself is all you need to do to get back to the basics of life. Thank you for stopping by.


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