Is mindfulness and meditation a cure for Burnout?

I have a personal experience I want to share.  Back in 2007, I was diagnosed with professional burnout.  I was of course prescribed some pills to control the “depression” and eventually was able to return to what somewhat a “normal” life within a few weeks of rest. I took these pills for years and until I met an old friend that was into meditation, I had not even thought of stopping taking the pills.  I was introduced to [eafl id=”87″ name=”Zen12″ text=”meditation”] by this friend and within a few weeks of practice, I experienced a real reduced level of work related stress and a greater emotional resilience.  After a couple of months, I quit taking the pills and I am still free today of the antidepressants I was prescribed then.

There is an important lesson for us all here.  “Well-being” is a skill. It is something that can be improved with training. If we take real responsibility of our well-being, we can help minimize physical and emotional exhaustion or at least reduce its severity.  It has been proven many times over, that individuals who practice a form of meditation which promotes focus and empathy through increased awareness of thought and bodily sensations such as breathing, can help minimize burnouts or at least really decrease its severity. [eafl id=”87″ name=”Zen12″ text=”Mindfulness”] benefits the mind just as physical exercise benefits the body.

So how does meditation work and why is it so helpful? It has helped me in a number of ways and it can do the same to anybody who practice it regularly. When you are on the go all day long, you can easily disconnect from the fact that you’re ready to drop. By this time, your body is usually crippled with tension. Meditation provides an opportunity for you to check in with your body and give it a rest.  It also provides a way in which you can practice observing your thoughts and emotions rather than trying to block them. This gives you a new perspective on a very busy mind and more space to make more rational decisions and greatly reduce stress at the same time.

If you haven’t ever tried it, give it a go. It’s very easy. You need yourself a place when you feel comfortable enough to close your eyes, and 12 minutes. I truly like the [eafl id=”87″ name=”Zen12″ text=”Zen 12″] meditation program and use it daily and I recommend to anybody that wants to try meditation to start with this one. [eafl id=”87″ name=”Zen12″ text=”And best of all it’s free to try!”]

4 thoughts on “Is mindfulness and meditation a cure for Burnout?”

  1. Hello here. Thanks for sharing your story. I guess that there are plenty of burned out professionals which take pills and do not know other way. It was lucky coincidence that you met your friend who meditates.
    However I think that you were ready for change. Many of us heard about meditation and benefits of it but not so many do it regularly.
    I read that the consistency is main thing. People who meditate for one week can not expect great results.
    People meditate years and they can not tell that something special happened. Of course they feel calm, concentrated but not everybody can reach special state.
    Thanks for sharing your experience, all the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    • Thanks for your comment Nemira. I think you’re right, most people get discouraged too soon and stop meditating regularly and that is the main reason they fail. Persistence and consistency is the key. Hey I’m living proof, it CAN change your life for the better. Namaste.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this. I have found myself meditating and I never really knew it until I read your post. I often find myself just sitting and thinking about things I have never tried or thought about and since starting this, I am much more calm and relaxed so I can get more things done in much less time. I really want to look more into mediation.

    What do you like about the Zen 12?

    • Hi Kenny, It’s funny you mention that you are meditating without knowing because that is how I realized back a couple of years ago that I was meditating without even knowing it too. I used to just close my eyes and breath for a few minutes, and it calmed all of the daily chaos. Then I met an old friend who introduced to meditation with the help of soothing music and I was hooked for life. I never looked back since and it helped me get rid of all those pills I was taking.

      About Zen12, well I really like the “time” aspect of it. With all our daily tasks, we hardly find time to eat sometimes, so a 12 minute meditation that has Binaural beats incorporated in them to help me get in a mindful state that takes me much longer just by myself is very rewarding for the small amount of time spent. Go ahead and try it, you’ll be surprised of the results yourself.

      Thanks for your positive comment.

      Have a great day



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