Spirituality and meditation

Our body and soul need upkeep just like our cars do.

We get reminded of this from time to time when we do not take care of ourselves. A kind of physical spiral in our bodies will let us know that something is not right. But what happens when our physical bodies show no signs of damage, yet we do not achieve that sense of well-being, fulfillment and pure happiness?

The remedy is not necessarily success or money.

Those are all external factors and will not bring us a sense of well-being, well maybe temporarily, but not deep within. In fact, they may rather have a negative effect. So, is there something out there that will give us a sense of peace and balance? Yes, there is: it’s spirituality.

The spiritual benefits of meditation do not necessarily require a belief in “God” per say.

But this “divine intelligence/creator/Universe” is very powerful, and it can change your life. The invisible (non-physical) space within us is the essential part of the understanding. When we recognize our own infinity, we have the gift. The soul cannot exist fully without this infinite light within, a space of interiority, an invisible and infinite intelligence.

To achieve this spiritual awakening, a form of prayer or, of course, meditation, works very well when done often and with a purpose.

Scientists have proven many times over that meditation serves as a focusing tool for the brain, connecting the neurons together to help you solve problems and be more focused on a good life. Very often the greatest source of inspiration and creativity comes when we spend time doing nothing, just sitting and be in the present moment. Once we can achieve this sense of stability, the occasional storms of life are only a passing through. It is the path to take to gain a happy life. It is simple and effective and does wonder for the whole body and soul. I encourage anybody and everybody to try meditation. It has changed my life and it can change yours.


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